April 2020

In this scary and unsure time, we are particularly thankful to those who have become patrons on our Patreon page. While we were already planning some time off for ourselves during this season, the current pandemic has made our future prospects—like so many other artists and freelancers—hard to predict. We appreciate your generosity in new ways during this difficult period.

On that note, we were interviewed for the WNYC podcast The United States of Anxiety about our poem 45 Questions to Ask While Waiting. Originally posted on our blog as a response to Dean Spade’s questionnaire Workaholics Anonymous, we reflected on the poem in a time of pandemic, added some questions to the list, and even provided some answers years after we originally posed them. We hope the interview can bring some comforts and insights as we collectively navigate a period of deep waiting. Look for it later this week.

Acknowledging the bleakness of some of the shifts happening under COVID-19, we wanted to share a few resources and bits of analysis that have been giving us hope, reframing this crisis as an unveiling rather than a deterioration, an opportunity for ushering in the radical new world so many of us have dreamed of:

The Intercept – Organizer Mariame Kaba: We Need A People’s Bailout to Confront Coronavirus
Newsweek – To Fight This Pandemic, We Need to Take Over The Military’s Resources—Not The Other Way Around
The New Yorker – Reality Has Endorsed Bernie Sanders
Financial Times – Arundhati Roy: ‘The pandemic is a portal’

Stay safe, slow down, keep fighting.


March 2020

We don’t have many major updates for March, as we’re taking the month to rest up after some heavy traveling on the front end of the year.

We will be continuing our facilitation for Chicago Community Bond Fund, as well as leading a Linking Anti-Blackness and Anti-Immigration workshop for the Revolutionary Oak Park Youth Action League. Some of these badass young people recently occupied their city hall to demand #PoliceFreeSchools and the redistribution of their city’s resources for public education in place of incarceration. We are honored to support them and learn from them.

In writing news, our essay on asylum seeker Francisco Morales Torres, originally slated to be published by Them, has finally come out on Truthout! Please share his story, and consider donating to Organized Communities Against Deportations, who continue to do invaluable advocacy around his case and others.

We’ll be laying a bit lower in the coming weeks, but we’ll continue to update you here.


February 2020

We’ve begun facilitating a series of sessions for our friends at Chicago Community Bond Fund this month, supporting the org as it evaluates next steps in the fight to #EndMoneyBail. Over the coming months we’ll be revisiting and revising CCBF’s mission and vision, reevaluating its core values and commitments, and reimagining some of its structures so that the org can continue its work sustainably without losing its radical roots.

On the 22nd, we’ll also return to our friends at Invisible 2 Invincible to teach a Pod Mapping & Transformative Justice workshop. This has become an annual tradition, and we’re always happy to come back to support the badass work of i2i!

We’re proud to be leading a brief Prison Abolition 101 workshop in Nashville, Tennessee on the 24th for Black Mama’s Bail Out’s first ever pre-convening. No one does praxis like National Bail Out, imagining a world without prisons while fighting in the present to free our people from incarceration. We are excited to join them for this convening, continuing to deepen our collective ability to envision a post-incarceration world.

Lastly, we’re excited to announce that this month we’ll be traveling to Mexico City! Museo Universitario del Chopo is the new home of the Elements of Vogue exhibit in which we originally participated at CA2M in Madrid back in 2017. We’ll be performing Dancer As Insurgent while at MUC, as well as teaching a Trans & Queer Resistance to Policing workshop in Spanish. (Shoutout again Rachel Hoffman who helped us both translate and print the timeline that will be joining us on this trip!)