We’re back from PR! While there we taught a Hands Performance 101 workshop at La Goyco, and led an open practice session with members of LaBoriVogue. Upon returning to Chicago, we also had a great conversation through the Barnard Center for Research on Women with Dean Spade, Asha Ransby-Sporn and Timmy Châu titled “It’s All Policing, It’s All War,” the complete video of which can be viewed here.

This month we’ll lead both Linking Anti-Black & Anti-Immigrant Racism and Gender, Sex & Sexuality 101 workshops jointly for Asian Family Support Services of Austin, a Texas-based organization working with trans, queer, Muslim, and immigrant survivors of intimate partner violence. We became connected to AFSSA through alumni of Project NIA’s Abolitionist Youth Organizing Institute, and are grateful to witness the continued ripples of that project’s crucial work. We’ll also pop in quickly to co-facilitate a few sessions for Dissenters’ mid-year staff retreat.

Mid month we’ll record a special segment of Movement Memos, a Truthout podcast, as part of a four-part series in conjunction with the release of Kelly Hayes’ and Mariame Kaba’s new book “Let This Radicalize You.” We’ll join other abolitionists theorists like Stuart Schrader and Alex Vitale in addressing the policing of collapse—the ways the political class is increasing investments in policing and incarceration to pad the implosion of capitalism, the environment, and empire—and ways we can collectively fight back. That episode will go live May 18th, and we’ll share the link to it again here next month.

Until next time!