We had an amazing adventure teaching and performing in Copenhagen last month, and are happy to be home!

This month, we’ll have our fifth session with SJI’s Portal Project, shifting the focus of our conversation to the non-profit industrial complex, and reestablishing autonomy over the demands and resources that guide our movements. We’ll also sit on a panel with Alisha B. Wormsley, Justin Levesque, and Jordan Seaberry, hosted by the Artist Communities Alliance, addressing the gaps in resources for artists from underrepresented identities participating in residency programs.

Our interview with our sibling Maya Hart and adrienne maree brown for the How to Survive the End of the World podcast is live and can be listened to here. Our words are also featured alongside those of other Black trans femmes as part of visual artist Glori Tuitt’s project Black, Trans &, and can be heard here. Finally, Project NIA will be publishing an essay of ours in zine form for distribution later this month. The piece encourages those new to the concept of abolition to imagine what police- and prison-free communities might look like, and outlines concrete steps for arriving at that vision. We’ll share with you how to access your free digital copy next month.

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We are taking the remainder of the year off to rest and be with family. We already have some exciting prospects for collaborations, performances, and travels in the coming year, and we hope you will continue with us on the journey.