We had a special experience at the MacDowell residency, and can now see a path through to the completion of our piece World After This One, which we hope to find a way to present to the public in 2021. We were lucky to share the residency with old friend Kay Ulanday Barrett, and new friend Wo Chan, who were instrumental in helping us workshop and develop the piece. What an unexpected joy to be accompanied by other trans and gender-nonconforming artists of color on this journey.

Serendipitously, our interview with South Side Weekly as part of their Envisioning New Futures series can be listened to here. Check out the rest of the interviews with the series here.

We’ll be taking the remainder of 2020 to rest up from an eventful fall, to safely spend time with family and loved ones, and to prepare ourselves for the fights ahead. We hope you find rest, connection, and joy in these dark months.