Happy May Day! Don’t forget to support striking workers and don’t shop at all today if you can help it, but especially not with Amazon, Target, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or Instacart.

Our interview with WNYC’s The United States of Anxiety about our poem 45 Questions to Ask While Waiting and its relevance to life in quarantine is now up, and can be listened to here. Our friends at Museo del Chopo also translated the poem into Spanish, which can be read here.

We have an essay in Out of Print, the brainchild of one of our idols, Chicago emcee Noname. Noname’s Book Club is introducing this new publication, featuring art and writing from members of the club’s various chapters across the country. Our essay, In A Pandemic, Prison Abolition Is Necessary And More Possible Than Ever, delves into what COVID-19 means for the fight to end incarceration, and how the chaos of the moment has also helped prove that grassroots movements’ most radical demands aren’t merely feasible, but practical, and necessary for our collective survival. Look for it in print and online.

In this time of growing fascism, it’s crucial we maintain our practice of hope. One way of doing so is remembering that so many of the authoritarian measures being implemented are in direct response to the radical gains and new possibilities for the revolutionary redistribution of resources that have also been made possible by COVID-19. When it feels like we’re losing, we may just be on the verge of winning.

As Mariame Kaba famously says, hope is a discipline. We hope, wherever you are in this pandemic, you are both making room for your feelings, and finding ways to anchor them in a longterm vision for what this moment is teaching us, the potential for liberation it is also opening up.