Happy New Year! Life on our planet in this current iteration is difficult, and we hope this year brings deep resistance, new bonds of solidarity, and a brave commitment to imagining better for ourselves and those we love.

In addition to all the other exciting things that happened at the close of 2019, we squeezed in one more panel with the Chicago Architecture Biennial …And Other Such Stories at the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum. Titled Making Lineages Visible, we joined Kelly Hayes and Byul Yoon in a conversation moderated by Monica Trinidad on the ways women, trans, and queer people regularly spearhead activist efforts in Chicago and elsewhere, yet often see their labor erased in mainstream analysis. It was an honor to problematize credit, ego, historicity, and feminism in radical organizing alongside some of our longtime co-strugglers.

We’re kicking off the New Year facilitating for the all-new national group Dissenters, a student-driven organization devoted to building resistance to the U.S. war machine. We’ve been supporting Dissenters in crafting an anti-war narrative that is accessible, intersectional, and international in scope. On January 3rd, we’ll be co-facilitating a session breaking down this narrative for the organization’s inaugural training here in Chicago.

At the close of the month we’re joining members of People’s Law Office, Law for Black Lives, and other legal advocacy groups in Atlanta, Georgia for a convening on how law can support reparations for the racist War on Drugs. We will be facilitating a Pod Mapping & Transformative Justice workshop, as well as a second session on the differences between healthy conflict and harm. We hope these offerings can help lay a strong foundation of healing and trust for this network of organizations as they move forward with some truly visionary work.

We have some exciting developments emerging in the late winter. Stay posted here for more updates soon!