In honor of Black History Month, we have an article in Teen Vogue titled “I Visited the Plantation Where My Ancestors Were Enslaved.” An emotional recounting of a painful experience we shared with our family members this past November, it offers both reflections on the violence of the trip we took together, and tips for young Black people considering making similar journeys to learn more about their past.

It’s a ways off, but we’re excited to share that we will be a contributing author to the forthcoming second edition of Trans Bodies Trans Selves! The book is meant to be a resource for trans communities and their accomplices in reimagining struggles for a liberated world, and will be published by Oxford University Press in 2021. Our chapter will be cowritten with Bay Area labor organizer Kung Feng, and address histories of trans resistance to state violence—from police riots of the 1950s and 60s, to contemporary battles like the Undocuqueer movement. Keep an eye out!

Our former colleague Dr. S Simmons has invited us to visit their classroom at the Jane Addams School of Social Work. On February 26th we’ll be leading a specialized Queer & Trans Resistance to Policing workshop for students in the Intersectional Approaches to Social Work with LGBTQIA Individuals and Communities course. Social work is a space that can save trans and queer lives, but too often feeds them directly into the prison system. We hope to help young social workers think critically about their role in cutting off the pipelines that run throughout their own field, and abolition as a collective project.

See you next month!