We’re linking up with About Face Theater‘s queer youth theater ensemble on November 10th. We’ll be leading a brief Power & Privilege workshop coupled with a Queer & Trans Resistance to Policing workshop, focusing on queer history in the city of Chicago, as youth prepare to draft their own original play in celebration of AFT’s 20th anniversary this coming summer. We wish them luck!

We want to give a special love and appreciation shoutout to participants in our Vogue and the Prison Industrial Complex workshop for the ARTivism series at UIC’s Latino Cultural Center last month. During a painful week of anti-trans violence, we were floored by students’ commitment to trans liberation, and the connections they made between voguing and body positivity, free and accessible arts practices, and money bail abolition. It was a joyful and healing space we needed, and we hope it was for staff and students as well.

We’re taking the remainder of the year to rest and wrap up our current commitments, and so will not be taking on any new projects for the rest of 2018. Please feel free to hit us up if you would like to book us for workshops and projects in the coming year.